Three Things to Focus on Besides the Scale

The ultimate love/hate relationship: the scales. Some of us swear by them. Some of us swear against them. If we’re having honesty hour here, we’ve probably all internally (or very audibly) groaned when the nurse tells us to hop on the scales at the doctor because for some reason, women have made a unified vendetta against the number that pops up on the scale.


I don’t know about you, but it does make me think: isn’t it kind of funny that we pay so much attention to this one little number? Why do we really? This is probably the point where you say “Duh, Kelsey. Science,” (to which point I would tell you it was my least favorite subject in school). Obviously weight is important in the larger picture of maintaining good health (re: begrudgingly stepping on the scales at doctor’s office). But why do we set it as a goal of attaining some sort of fitness “perfection,” if that even exists in any form anyways? In most cases, we let that one number determine so much, from how we feel and how we look at ourselves. We have to stop letting our weight have that much weight.


So what happens if you cut out completely? Of course, this isn’t a bashing session of anyone that weighs themselves (especially if you are doing so right now in the challenge!), but it is an invitation to think about tracking fitness a little differently. There are other important things to pay attention to on your fitness journey, and they’re not always limited to a number.



A lot of the time, we set our sights on the fast track to being skinny, or it is something that is being pushed in some home fitness equipment advertisement. Truth is, “skinny” can be fleeting. Try setting your focus on just building strength. In other words, feel no shame checking out your biceps in the mirror during arms! After all, if shaving an inch or two off your waistline is a goal of yours, weights may help you lose up to 40 percent fat according to a study at Penn State. Not a bad side effect, eh?


Keeping a healthy lifestyle

This is like Captain Obvious making the ultimate proclamation, but it would be with remiss to not mention it. If you are eating a healthy diet day-to-day and exercising often, what more can you do? You don’t need a number to legitimize that. Stick to having a colorful plate each meal with protein, and make room for your favorite exercise. Experts recommend at least 75 minutes of exercise per week.


How you feel

Notice this doesn’t say how you look. Don’t forget we just talked about strength over being skinny. Finding your fitness maybe something that most people have to feel. Maybe it’s in how you feel more energized, or in the change you feel in the fit of your clothes. Just don't forget that either way, you are a super babe, and nothing that you see in the mirror or the scales will change that.  

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