Tips To Rock the Garage Barre™ Strong Challenge


Welcome to day one of the Garage Barre™ strong challenge! Ah, the first challenge of the year. Let’s all breathe it in.

The word challenge can be either scary or exciting, right? Like, this challenge might incite both for some people: it might be adventurous to try something new for six weeks, or it might be terrifying to attempt to give up your favorite latte for more than a week. Formidable or motivating, what’s great about the Garage Barre™ strong challenge is that they are whatever you want to make it and we are all in it together! And since we are a community of cheerleaders without the pom-poms and chants, we are going to cheer you on to leave that comfort zone in the rear view mirror.

Here’s just a few things that might help you stay on the road to success (yes, I did just say that):


Use all of the materials

This may go without saying, but don’t skimp out on anything provided in the PDF. It’s difficult for us busy-bees to take time to meal prep for the week or write your workouts into the fitness tracker, but it is so helpful in helping you reach your goals. It’s the little things that help you stay on track!


Book Your Classes in Advance

Yes, it is kind of essential to book your week now that spots for classes are going like hotcakes (sorry, now you’re thinking of pancakes), but as discussed in the challenge, planning out your class times means that you will be less likely to let other things get in the way of hitting the barre. Let’s take it further and lock yourself in (maybe even for that 5:15 AM class you said you would never do)! Just be sure that you can actually make any class you sign up for so that you will not be fined for any late cancellations.


If you can, avoid buying groceries that are not on the list

This one is a little more challenging since some of us have children and husbands to feed that were not down to join you in the challenge, or we share a pantry with a roommate. If possible, keeping your house a no-ice-cream-zone will keep any temptations at bay. If it is inevitable to control everything in your kitchen (or you have some no-no items still in the pantry), hide the items away so they are not in your everyday sight.


Allow yourself time to get used to it

Honesty hour here: you may not like swapping potato chips for kale chips at the beginning, and not to psych you out, but it could take a week or two. But just like running (or so I’ve heard), there is a threshold for a foodie high. After a while, your palette and cravings will catch up with you. Something you will like right off of the bat, however: the energy and the way you feel.


Dust yourself off and try again

This is also worth a second mention. If you fall off the wagon (or the ball during abs), just hop back on and keep going! When you cannot deny the power of donuts in the conference room, follow it up with a mason jar salad for lunch (do NOT skip any meals!) and a healthy dinner. If you only did three classes this week when you intended on doing four, do five next week (or just four). This challenge, after all, is for you, and it is whatever you want to make it!


What are some of your tips that you plan on executing during the challenge? Don't hesitate to let us know!


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