How Running and Barre are a Match Made in Heaven

Raise your hand if you’re a runner! Now take that hand and smack yourself upside the head because you are CRAZY. Just kidding, please don’t. Show yourself some love. Running is excellent for your heart, releasing endorphins, and did you know BARRE IS A GREAT COMPLEMENT TO RUNNING?!


It’s so true. If you choose to torture— ahem, I mean treat —yourself to running, please know that by hitting the barre, you are doing yourself some favors. I’m still trying to figure out how running can do anybody’s soul any favors, but I do know how barre is running’s missing puzzle piece. Here we go:

Barre is a low-impact workout
It’s really no secret that running is not easy on your joints, but barre is. The only time we are jumping or jamming is when the song carries us away and we decide to do that instead of what we are supposed to be doing. But in all seriousness, we care a lot about taking care of our bodies, and that is why we are so passionate about barre in particular: not only can anybody do it, but you can walk out of the studio knowing that you did not cause impact on your body. It would even not be too bold of an idea to replace some running sessions with barre to save your joints (with proper form of course). Yes?

Barre opens up your hips
In case you haven’t noticed, if you’ve been doing barre for a little while, you have gained a little flexibility.


Okay, maybe not like that, but you have definitely been opening up your hips. A common problem with runners is tightness in the hips. Not only are we stretching them out in barre, but we are strengthening the surrounding muscles. So maybe you can do that in your free time some time soon? Get back to us on that.

Barre works everything in your legs
We know we don’t have to tell you that, but let’s go back to your first ever class: do you remember thinking I didn’t even know I had that muscle during standing leg? Not to mention, you felt that muscle panging in soreness for the next couple of days. Ah, memories. Those same leg muscles are definitely pivotal in propelling yourself in running and good running form.

Barre also teaches endurance
There’s nothing like hearing your instructor say "hold" or "8 more" when you’ve already been holding and pulsing for what feels like the amount of time Matthew McConaughey spent away from Earth in Interstellar.


Actual footage of us during standing leg.

But this is where endurance is made. If you’re one of those people that run multiple miles almost everyday, you probably don’t need schooling in endurance. Maybe that’s what’s getting you through barre. Close your eyes, go to your happy place, and stick with it.

Barre teaches how to have grace with yourself
With any fitness journey, having grace with yourself is muy importante. We are so passionate about meeting you where you are at Garage Barre™, and we think that you should carry self-love to every aspect of your life. Didn’t do that roll-up today, even when you did it last class? It's alright. Didn’t finish at the time you thought you would? That’s okay, you finished. Keep you eyes on the goal, but realize it’s a journey, and take the time to tell yourself you're doing well where you are.

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