6 Things to NOT Do This Thanksgiving


Did you remember that Thanksgiving is this week? LOL of course you didn’t because #food. Or maybe you’re hosting this year, and you’re nearly done prepping, or maybe youre that person whose mini-freak-out episode is starting to brush up inside of you, but you keep pushing it away to worry about until Thursday morning. You are one or the other: you cannot be both.

This week, you are probably being inundated posts that basically entail how to win Thanksgiving without letting your belly bloat an inch. First, I (Kelsey) personally don’t consider that a win (it would probably throw off my annual Thanksgiving nap too), but we also want to remind you it’s all about being strong over skinny (a GB mantra) and living a little; whether that’s with the second helping of casserole or mashed cauliflower and vegan mac and cheese. You do you babe, and don’t be consumed with what you’re consuming. We also have some other friendly GB Thanksgiving reminders on what NOT to do, AKA this is what we avoid to “win” Thanksgiving.

No, really, don’t do it. Depriving yourself of what everyone else is eating is only going to make you feel— well— deprived. It’s not good at suppressing FOMO. Experts say to eat a fiber-and-protein-rich breakfast (and lunch if applicable) the day of as opposed to skipping meals. With that and listening to your body, you won’t need a diet.

Go overboard
On the flipside, be aware. I mean, you don’t want to throw up at the end of the night. Savor each bite, maybe take a break before going back to get seconds, and think of how you want to feel at the end of the night. I have to get my butt to Target— because I’m that heathen that goes there the night of Thanksgiving— and I would prefer not to waddle down the aisles.

Wear constrictive pants
I mean, you have an arsenal already of leggings. You know how to use them. Aforementioned experts say not to do this, but this is a free country. That’s not #WinningThanksgiving in our world.

Save the best for last
I really don’t even know when this is even a phrase in everyday life anyways. When you save your favorite item on your dish for last, you feel a little more compelled to push your boundaries a little bit. I don’t know about you, but I always hate when I spend precious room in my belly on broccoli casserole instead of dressing. And think about dessert, too.

Engage in pointless arguments (unless they are constructive)
It’s probably not worth it. Now, when someone says that Crossfit is the best workout that they’ve ever done, ENGAGE IN BATTLE. JK, I almost threw up when I did it, so that’s my personal feelings coming through.

Forget to be thankful
Your feet hit the floor this morning and you walked. You’re breathing. You’re able to read this post. You’re able to use your ears hear what your Aunt Barbara read in her latest chain mail. Those few things are things that a lot of people can’t say. We should be focusing on that everyday, not just when we are sitting with loved ones and stuffing our face with food. Let’s all take a moment to thank the Big Man Upstairs.

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