How to Keep Fanning the Flames on the Burn It Up Challenge


According to this article I read on, 92% of people don’t stick with their New Year’s resolutions. I mean, duh. I’m 92% sure I make the same New Year’s resolution each year.

I’m not really here to talk to you about New Year’s resolutions though; mainly because it’s officially the 25 days of Christmas (here's the 25 Days of Christmas schedule by the way if you’re thinking of it now since I typed it). I’m talking about that statistic because that couldn’t be more antithetical to what we are seeing for the Burn It Up challenge. I mean, y’all are on FI-YA.

But DON’T start stopping now. You see, that’s what happens to 92% of the people with resolutions. One little bump in the road comes along (like not making it to one of your classes) and you watch your goal slip right through the cracks. Or you just simply decide that your goal isn’t worth your time. Well we are here to tell you: YES IT IS YOU ARE WORTH IT


We also have some other perserverance tips if you are not like Paul Rudd singing Queen right now:

Keep writing down your goals
There is something magical about writing down things. Well, I call it “magical,” but others would call it “psychology”. A psychology professor at Dominican University in California conducted a study where half of the people wrote down their goals, and the other half didn’t. And wouldn’t ya know: the half that recorded their goals succeeded at remarkably higher rates than those who didn’t. You’ve got your GB calendar: use it!

Visualize yourself at the end of the road
Imagining works. I mean, I imagined that I would be the person to sweep Prince Harry off of his feet, but we all see how that went. But really, seeing yourself achieving your goals will put that pep in your step, and it will make you savor each moment to get there.

Don’t forget your why
At the beginning of the challenge, we asked you to define your why. This is one of those reasons why we asked you to define your why. That was our why to your why. Remember why you wanted to do this challenge, and keep saying that to yourself.

Treat your classes like important meetings
If your problems lie in motivation to make it to that extra class you’ve decided to tack on, think about it as an important meeting you can’t miss. Getting there is the hardest part sometimes!

Don’t sweat the little things
As mentioned earlier, don’t let one little blip get you off course. Did Mia Thermopolis decide to decline the throne when the paparazzi got the best of her? No, because she remembered what her grandmother told her: “you wouldn’t stop driving your Mustang just because a couple of insects hit the windshield, would you?” Keep driving, princess babes.

Sources:, Huffington Post

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