We Have an Addendum for the 'ole New Year's Resolution Question


In light of New Year’s coming, I figured it was time to start talking about New Year’s resolutions.

DON’T STOP READING. I vow at this moment to not touch on the following: hacks to stick with your resolution, #GetFit2018, or anything that shamelessly promotes our business. JK we have super amounts of fun at barre and I want everyone in the world to know it.

Yes, we all think that resolutions are cheesy, they are almost always set up for failure, and they are kinda just made because everyone’s making one. We’ve all read that blog post.

But really, why I’m sitting here typing this out instead of watching Love, Actually is because I came across this article about how you should ask yourself a series of questions while making New Year’s resolutions and it really struck a chord with me. And it’s from Harvard, so it’s from REAL DOCTORS.

In the article, the author asks “why do you want to make this change?” If you know anything about us at Garage Barre™, you know we are crazy obsessed with defining our ‘why’, or in my own words, why the heck are you putting forth time and energy towards what it is your doing. It’s something that is asked at every step of the Garage Barre™ journey; we pose that question at the beginning of challenges, every instructor is asked their ‘why’ behind instructing, and we constantly share the ‘why’ behind the genesis of GB.

So it’s only appropriate that we make a little revision and ask “what is your new year’s resolution, and why?” What will be the reason you decide to pursue this resolution everyday this year if necessary? Ya know, so you’re not throwing up the white flag in mid-January (not speaking from experience or anything).

But actual footage of me January 31st, 2016.


Of course, we want you to bear in mind that “looking skinny” and being a certain size is not really an answer here. We challenge you to go beyond, and think more along the lines of “being stronger.” Take time to think about it.

While you’re there thinking about it, we have a few questions of our own that we want you to ask yourself:

How will this impact your year, and *beyond*?
AKA basically a far less frightening five-year-plan but only in one year. What do you want to see on the other side of this? A closer relationship with Jesus? More money to put towards retirement because you didn’t always go to Chipotle when your craving hit (oops there’s mine)? Cast your mind there, and let yourself start thinking of the benefits that come along with it.

And let’s circle back to that five-year-plan. Ugh. Honestly, I don’t believe in five-year-plans because you can plan all you want and life will look at your plan and laugh at you like Ursula laughs at Ariel when she loses her voice.


BUT one of the reasons I give up on my resolutions almost every year is because I think about the now, not the later. I don’t think about me sitting on a beach with a piña colada when I’m 70, fat, and happy. Do you know how much that would change for me?

What non-scale victories are you going to be happy to achieve?
What are those seemingly little things that you’re going to get way too excited about, and you should? It might include not going to get a manicure every month, noticing that you don’t feel like complete crap when you eat an orange instead of eating queso everyday, or feeling your bicep muscle and noticing that it feels firm (that’s the best feeling btw).

How will this affect you and those around you?
If you’ve surpassed the level of not giving into your queso cravings and have a resolution in a deeper sense, you have to go deep with it. Maybe you want to have more mommy-alone-time to be a better mommy. Maybe you need to spend less time on Instagram because you watched that Will Ferrell PSA and said “oh my gosh, that’s me.” Maybe you need to take that plunge that’s in the back of your mind as you read this because that’s what you need to do for yourself this year to be a better employee or friend.

What are you going to do to have fun while accomplishing you resolution?
YES because life is too short. Do you know why people give up on their resolutions? Because it sucks. That’s eloquently coming from Dr. Kelsey. But really, if you don’t like running and never have, what makes you think that running five miles everyday is going to work? Maybe you need to find the right playlist, right scenery, or maybe you mix up your workouts...like coming to BARRE. Shoot, sorry. I slipped. But give this some thought, especially if you are re-attempting a goal. Adulting already consists of so many sucky things. Don’t add one more.

Of course, this is not something to set up to fail and to take too seriously. If it doesn’t end up working out the way that you wanted to, have some grace with yourself, and then do something about it.

Get the messy buns up and the gangsta rap (or “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins) and get with it because 2018 is basically here.

Source: Harvard

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