4 Healthy Christmas Baking Recipes We're Eyeing (and 4 Recipes We're Definitely Going to Try)

The best thing about Christmas: getting to celebrate our savior coming into this world. After that, in no particular order, is spending time with loved ones, decorating the Christmas tree, and inevitably hearing Mariah Carey's “All I want for Christmas is You” at least once a day (who is Lisa Layne, btw?).

Oh! And we for sure can’t forget about baked goods. Can I get a hallelujah (chorus)?

What’s not so great about that though is trying to be healthy. I mean, I usually just throw all three sticks of butter that Ina Garten calls for in her shortbread cookie recipe (in fact I literally just did) without batting an eye, but there is a new spirit rising within me that is telling me to venture out and try to find a healthy baking recipe. That spirit is called my conscience.

And while I still totally advocate for reaching for a cookie whose dough has three sticks of butter (I’m not kidding, Ina’s recipe is chilling in my fridge as I type), you don’t always feel the *best* after eating them. Your family probably doesn’t either. I know your kid will also probably run off any effects of sugar in gym class in two weeks, but their bodies are probably also processing whatever the heck your Aunt Edna puts in her fruitcake. Also, if your kid eats fruitcake, he or she is already much more adventurous than I was as a kid.

So, this I posture: maybe, just maybe you give these recipes a chance? No? Merry Christmas anyways. Just kidding, we have your section coming up.

Vegan gingerbread cookies

via Desserts with Benefits

via Desserts with Benefits

There’s that good ‘ole trigger word: vegan. But not only do these cookies comply with whatever dietary restrictions you may have, but they are made with almond flour and have no refined sugars. How do they taste? I don’t know. Someone find out and let us know.
via Desserts with Benefits

Grain-free sugar cookies
*Stevia Alert*, because even if you’re against eating fat-laden food (yum), you should NEVER be about eating Splenda. Run and tell that to your grandmother, homeboy.

But really, these cookies are prime for any gluten-intolerant diets and tummies. And you get to decorate them, too.
via Eat Yourself Skinny

No bake superfood bark

via My Fussy Eater

via My Fussy Eater

As my dad would probably say, “I don’t see them wearing a cape.” These superfoods are scattered about in dark chocolate, and I must admit, it does look tasty. These would make a great gift to give to my friends that order salads when I order chicken finger baskets.
Via My Fussy Eater

Cardamom Almond Flour Thumbprints
GRAIN FREE. I’m starting to read those words so much that I feel like I’m in that episode of Frasier when Marty, Frasier, and Niles make a drinking game out of Antiques Roadshow.

When making these, make sure you save half of your cranberries to drop into your Christmosas. Don’t thank me, thank Delish.

AND NOW, for all those who just scrolled past "stevia" and "vegan,". Your moment is here.

Here are four recipes we're probably (definitely) going to make that include things like butter and caramel.

Holiday crack candy

via Southern LIving

via Southern LIving

This recipe is one of the best so far because it looks super easy. If you forgot to make something for that party that you said you would make something for, this recipe is totally doable. Then you get to laugh when you see your friends’ faces after you’ve told them that they’re eating crack.
via Delish

Apple fritter cinnamon roll bake

As you’re watching your kids opening presents like this:

You could also be letting these bad boys warm up in the oven. Is it monkey bread or are they cinnamon rolls? It's the perfect Christmas morning breakfast, that's what it is. Thank you, Justine.
via Crazy for Crust

Christmas pull-apart bread
Oops, this isn’t a sweet dish, but we gotta share something for the fries-before-pies crowd. This dish includes cheese, bread, pesto, and other stuff that I’ve forgotten because really the first three ingredients are all I need.
via Southern Living

Ina Garten’s shortbread cookie recipe
Last but not least, here’s Ina Garten’s shortbread cookie recipe, because three sticks of butter. God bless you, Ina. Wonder what she’s doing right now.
via Food Network


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