Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Well-Rested

It’s the unfortunate story of our lives: we have to wake up super early the next morning, but our kid kept us up late last night, or we just got caught up in that Friends marathon because we still feel fuzzy feelings when Chandler proposes to Monica. Not that you need to look fresh to death at the barre for that 5:15 AM class (you’ve already impressed us), but a lot of the time, you have to get up and go to work or do your thing and look—you know—not dead. Thank God that it’s 2017 and we can do something about it if we so choose, and thy names are makeup and hacks. What’s even better is that a lot of the materials you more than likely already have.

Keep it cool
When washing your face, keep the water cool to reduce swelling and redness. You also may have heard about putting cold spoons on your eyes being a myth, but there’s actually some clout to that. The cold metal reduces swelling under the eyes and tightens the skin, so stick the spoons in the freezer for a few minutes, then place the bottom of the spoon on top of your eyes, pressing at the skin beneath your eye, until the spoons are warm.

Apply concealer in an upside down triangle
This will make the bags under your eyes disappear like they’re sailing into the Bermuda Triangle. Using your appropriate shade, apply an upside down triangle beneath your eye (the base of the triangle is closest to your lower eyelid and the tip reaches to your cheekbone), then blend and apply your foundation. It’s magic.

Put down the black eyeliner
Again, it’s magic. If your usual look is sans black or brown eyeliner, you’re in luck! Lining your eyes with a nude pencil makes your eyes appear brighter and bigger. If you canNOT live without some hue around your eyes, mix the shades by applying the black eyeliner on top and the brown eyeliner on the bottom.

Curl your lashes
Noticing a pattern here? The bigger the eye, the less they look like they’re drooping (duh), and the often-neglected eyelash curler does just the job. Lift the curler up as you apply to lashes, and for an all-day curl, heat the curler with a hairdryer prior to application.

Keep your moisturizer caffeinated (as well as yourself)
For that I-just-slept-for-8-hours-and-it-was-scrumptious look, choose a moisturizer that has active ingredients of caffeine, ginseng, or green tea. This will give your skin that likely much-needed glow that you probably have on days when you can get by with your usual moisturizer.

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