At-Home Pedicure Hacks to Flaunt at the Barre

Usually, people don’t even talk about pedicures until it’s time to whip out the sandals for a few months. But since you are a barre babe, you more than likely show off your toes at least once a month throughout the year. It’s not like anyone’s really paying attention, but just like taking the time to hit the barre, sometimes you gotta spruce up your nails for yourself. This doesn't always mean dropping some dough, however! You can get your twinkle toes for the barre with things that are probably laying around your house right now.

Make make your own matte coat
Even though matte top coats can be priced pretty cheap (psst: it’s as low as $.88 at WalMart), you can make your own at home! After your color has dried, Mix a top coat with a couple pinches of corn starch in a spoon, and brush on as a top coat.

Apply white nail polish to make your color pop
For most colors, applying a coat of white nail polish prior to your chosen color will add an extra oomph. Make sure that your white nail polish is completely dry before layering on anything else. This especially looks good with pale purple and blue hues.

Make a soak of—Listerine and vinegar?!
If you really want to go all out for the home pedicure, mix about ¼ cup of Listerine mouth wash (yes, Listerine), vinegar, and water, to a small tub and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, wipe away the dry skin with a towel. Seems completely weird, but it works.

Use glue for a base coat when using glitter nail polish
Fill an empty nail polish bottle with simple glue (i.e. Elmer’s), then apply a layer on each nail prior to the glitter layer and usual top coat. Once it’s time for the glitter nail polish to come off, it will peel right off! For those who have found out the hard way that glitter nail polish will cling to your nails like white on rice, you will rejoice with me on this one.

Also use glue to keep the polish on your nails
If you can’t paint your toenails and keep it on the nails (guilty), line the outside of your nails with glue and peel it off when all's said and done.

Use a bobby pin to make a polka dot design
After you have painted a color base coat on your toes, dip the tip of a bobby pin in a different color and dab on your toenails. Wipe off the bobby pin in between dots to keep the polka dots relatively even. Once done, let nails dry, and apply top coat.

Make your own shade using eyeshadow pigments
In a spoon, add your preferred shade of loose eyeshadow and mix together with clear nail polish using a cotton swab. Once mixed, your signature nail polish is ready to go!

Use cooking spray to help your nails dry more quickly
Let’s be honest: ain’t nobody got time to let their nails dry completely. There’s too much to do in the day! A couple of minutes after application, spray your nails with some cooking spray, and get up and get to the next thing!

Make your own French manicure
After your base coat is dry, stick a binder reinforcement near the end of each nail, allowing enough room for the white tips. Paint white tips, allowing the binder reinforcement to act as a buffer. Once the white tips are dry, peel the binder reinforcements off.

Have you discovered a pedicure or manicure hack? Let us know on our facebook page!

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