Babe Tips to Help you Hit the Barre


Not to humble brag here, but every girl that hits the barre is a boss babe. From students and moms to teachers and professionals, our babes are running around and running the world. We are beyond humbled that they take time out of their days to join us at the barre, and we're kind of in awe that they squeeze it in. We asked our instructors and handful of our babes what helps them get to the barre and slay the plié. 


"For the night classes, I make sure to schedule all my school work and social activities around my Garage Barre classes so I don't have an excuse to cancel. I also fix crock pot meals so I have something yummy to eat when the class is over!" -Emma Demonbreun

"It's important to develop a 'why.' That way, when you want to quit, you can think back on that 'why' and it keeps you going. My 'why' is that I need to take time for me so I'm better for all the people who rely on me." -Lacey Garrett

"Barre is also something I actually don't dread, which is unfamiliar to me considering I basically hate all things exercise. Although it isn't easy, I enjoy being in this particular atmosphere while getting a pretty killer workout for an hour! It also fits in my schedule. The 5:15AM classes are so good for me. I don't like getting up, but it helps me be accountable to get a workout in." -Nina Miller

"I think going at the same time/same days is super helpful. It becomes the thing: at 6:45 on Wednesdays, you're at class. That way you don't have to decide if you're going everyday or not." -Justine Dalbey

"Besides seeing everyone's beautiful faces (that's a given), I keep tabs of the progress I've made and I see how far I've come. Plus, I make coffee the night before and put in the fridge so I have iced coffee on the way to class." -Megan Wade

"Aside from the accountability from the community, I keep a resistance band and two pound weights in my hallway as a visual reminder to hit the barre" -Shauvaun Sims

"I love going to Garage Barre and would be lost without it. I definitely pick out my leggings and top the night before, which usually ends up being Garage Barre swag because I love it so much. Secondly, I look forward to this time not only to myself but I always look forward to seeing my girls either I've known for years or the ones I met at the barre. Lastly, I motivate MYSELF each class, knowing I will achieve results. I'm not going to get those results from laying on the couch or grabbing an extra hour of sleep. It's not easy getting older but Garage Barre has definitely made it easier to be more accountable while being myself and feeling more confident each and every class. See you at the barre, babes! "-Jaime Bartsch

"I'm motivated by the results I've seen and the community. Everyone is so welcoming and it is so fun to interact with the other ladies. I'm not one to exercise by myself, so this has been fun having such a supportive group to encourage each other." -Lesia Cooper

"Booking it in the calendar makes it permanent for me. It becomes like a meeting then, and it becomes something I work around"-Hannah Fann

"I let barre have priority in my day and let it become second-nature with my schedule: go to work, go to barre, pick up the kids, and so forth" -Lindsey Davis

"On top of the results I've seen, I have an accountability partner that I do barre with. I also feel more accomplished and have more energy when I start my day off with barre, so that is motivation to get to the early classes!" -Brandy Lester

"I have to look ahead and prepare. Being a busy Mom, if I don't have a baby-sitter lined up, I can't come. So, I stay on top of logistics in the future to have my time at the barre." -Sarah Cohen

"I really just do it because I know my day will be worse without barre. It always feels good to start my day with a little sweat and a full cup of water" -Amory Godley

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