We are a Year Old!

Today, Garage Barre™ turns 1! Yay!

This means that it’s been a year of plies, pulsing, laughter, learning, Waffle House meetings, and more importantly, our beautiful Garage Barre™ babes.

It also means that means that this time last year, we were welcoming women of all fitness backgrounds into Lacey’s garage. Yes, if you have always wondered why we call ourselves “Garage Barre™” and you pull up to a studio instead of a garage, well, that’s because this all began in an actual garage. It’s a literal term (or used to be). The journey began in a garage-turned-studio, meaning that you worked out next to pillows printed with inspiring phrases nestled into a light pink nook rather than greasy cars. And as lovely as it was, it was even more lovely that so many babes wanted to get their plié on with us, which is why we had to make the move to accommodate more spaces.

And the people who fill those spaces have made all of the difference, because most importantly, one year ago, we set out to create a space where every woman could work out. This meant that we didn’t want intimidations, budgets, and insecurities holding you back to come to the barre.

We are not saying this to have bragging hour here: we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Because you took a chance on us, we are throwing our first Garage Barre™ birthday party (which means we are having cake after we do barre). The dream behind Garage Barre™ became a reality and you have made all of this possible. We also would not know a lot of the beautiful souls that occupy our mats each week; people that laugh at every little joke we make each week in class, people who take care of each other, and people who bring meals to you when you’ve just had surgery. We love doing life with you.

Here’s to the next year of sweating at the barre and making memories while doing it. We can’t wait!

What's your favorite memory of the past year?
We asked some of our og babes what their favorite memory of the year was.

"Probably the fondest memory that I have of Garage Barre is walking in the studio for my first class and feeling so welcome and seeing how beautiful the studio was. It really felt like a welcoming and absolutely beautiful place to come and celebrate our strength. A place where we could get healthy and strong together. And although we weren't in the garage for long, that same feeling - that beautiful, loving and welcoming feeling - has always followed Garage Barre™ wherever it's gone. Of course it's hard to pick just one memory! I hit my goal weight going to Garage Barre™ but when it happened it wasn't even that important because there were so many milestones I hit before then. I learned how to eat healthy with Garage Barre™, I learned how to stop being so neurotic and tracking everything in my life so I could lose a half an ounce, I got flexible, I learned how to embrace a healthy lifestyle instead of fad diets, and I learned how to be healthy so I could teach my future kids how to be healthy. I got pregnant (I started barre wanting to get healthy before getting pregnant) and was able to continue barre because of the strength I built up in preparation. So so so many great memories at the Barre! I have never been able to stick with a workout routine long term but going to the Barre has never been something I felt like I had to do, it has always been something I felt honored to get to do! I also loved when we went to the Short Mountain Distillery!" –Annabella Gilkes (who, by the way, was the very first person to sign up for a Garage Barre™ class!)

"One thing I do remember is that many of us would struggle getting dizzy and Lacey had to start keeping some sort of Protein tablets on hand for those of us that felt like we were going to faint. We also had to make sure that we were all parked in her driveway, since we could not park on the street due to her homeowners code. Sweet Lacey would sometimes come out and direct us as close to the car in front of us as we could get, so we managed to get six cars parked in her driveway with all of our cars almost touching each other. From the very beginning it has been the most welcoming atmosphere and that has brought me back the most!!! I have loved Garage Barre™ for what it has done for my body and am thankful for all the friendships that have been made. Love the community!!! –Johna Green

"It's hard to choose from just one memory. At the very beginning, we were all figuring out barre in general, but together. I can remember doing slider planks for the first time and only being able to do a couple. As I kept coming, I kept getting better at them, and it became easier for me to do more. I also remember carpooling with Annabella [Gilkes] to conserve space in the driveway. Probably the funniest thing was Bro Barre and seeing all of our husbands struggle through our workout!"–Jenni Brooker

"I remember waking up fifteen minutes before my scheduled class time and walking two blocks, if that, to Garage Barre™. I also remember how amazing that garage turned out from just a plain ordinary two car garage to the cutest little pink studio in Murfreesboro!" –Jaime Bartsch

"I remember going over to Kirby's one day and her finishing up a phone call with Lacey about this dream they had for a fitness studio. I honestly thought they were kidding. LOOK AT THEM NOW. I'm so proud of both of them and all the hard work they have put in. They both love people so well and are so patient and kind. I'm not sure how they can make a person who hates working out keep coming back, but they continually do it with their wonderful hearts and killer routines. I have never once felt out of place or uncomfortable. The way they encourage others is amazing. I remember coming to my first class in the garage and it kicking my butt, yet feeling so accomplished at the end. I also remember at the end of that first class both of them telling me how proud they were of me, and that in itself was something I thought I would never hear after exercising. They truly are the best. Thankful for Garage Barre and the community it's brought. Blessed is an understatement! Oh, and their music choice is the BOMB!" –Brooke Tripp

"I remember coming to the open house in jeans doing my fifteen minute workout. I'm not surprised that Lacey and Kirby are here one year later—they are good at what they do!"–Marcie Rainey

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