Do's and Don'ts of Washing Your Leggings


If you’ve ever seen us out in public, nine times out of ten you will likely hear us say: “it’s so weird to see you in real clothes!” real clothes meaning, of course, jeans and a t-shirt. That’s because we pretty much live in our leggings all day everyday. And even though we could be on Sweaty Betty’s website all day or slip over into the activewear section at Walmart, we need these bad boys to last as long as they can, and chances are, you do too. So, please, for the love of your leggings: do the do’s and obey the don’t’s.

Don’t use the dryer
Your tag might say “tumble dry low,” but in reality, the touch of heat and movement can distort the individual fibers in your leggings, messing with the snug fit and shape you more than likely paid a good chunk of change to receive.

Do hang ‘em up
For the best drying method, hang your leggings up in the sun. Now that it’s getting warmer outside, not only will our leggings dry faster in the sun, but the sun will kill any remaining bacteria, which especially necessary if you get your sweat on in your leggings. Another tip: hang them from the bottom to keep the length.

Don’t throw them in the hamper right away
If you’ve just finished a killer workout and worked up a sweat (as we all do), don’t throw them in your hamper right away. Damp leggings + a dark hamper = possible mildew and (gasp!) mold. Instead, hang your leggings up for an hour or two, and then proceed to the hamper.

Do turn leggings inside out and use cold water
Just like all delicates, leggings will shrink with warm water, although our first instinct may be to soak sweaty clothes in a warm, bacteria-killing bath. To prevent lint buildup, turn your leggings inside out to keep the fuzzies away.

Don’t use fabric softener
Surprising, right? Most softeners' composition weakens your leggings’ breathability and wicking. Oftentimes, when we think of fabric softeners, we automatically get a big whiff of rolling flowery fields, but it definitely does not have that effect on your leggings. In fact, it can often trap odors. To get the icky smell out of your leggings, add a half of a cup of white vinegar to your wash load.

Do (and don’t) wash your leggings often
This one just depends on how swole and sweaty you get in your leggings. If you get super sweaty, or—um—go commando, you might want to wash after each time wearing your leggings. Besides obvious health reasons (especially the latter), multiple wears of sweaty leggings can cause acne and other health issues. If you’re just lounging around in them or (somehow) not breaking a sweat in barre, you can neatly fold them back up after wearing them. We'd recommend wearing them only one more time (who are we kidding: two times tops) before washing them to keep the shape.

Sources: Shape, Who What Wear

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