The Do's and Don'ts of Planks


You may have probably noticed that planks are integral to a Garage Barre™ class (who else is aching to reach that brief child’s pose in between sets?!) namely in the first five minutes. We want you to get the most out of every aspect of your workout, and proper planks are essential in waking up every part of your body for class. More importantly, good form in planks keeps the injuries away! Next time you pop up into plank, keep this in mind for perfect plank form.

  • Draw your belly button into your spine and activate your abs. Or as some like to put it, anticipate a punch to the gut. This helps keeps your hips tucked under and in an even line with the rest of your body.
  • Keep you hands beneath your shoulders.
  • Imagine that you are pushing against the floor, to keep your shoulders active and from shrugging up.
  • Apply the most pressure to the area where your palm meets your finger under your pointer and pinkie fingers, as well as the tips of your pointer finger and thumb and base of your thumb.
  • Allow the base and tips of of your middle and ring fingers to take the second most amount of pressure.
  • Visualize your palms lifting upward.
  • Squeeze your glutes together as if you were keeping a penny in between (and yes, allow yourself to giggle if need be).
  • Don’t let your weight fall on the heel of your hand. This could cause your wrists to collapse, and you kinda need those.
  • Don't let your hips sink down. Not only does this take all of the work out of your abs, but it could put unwanted strain your lower back. You kinda need that too.
  • On the flip side (literally), don’t let your hips pike up as if you’re coming into downward facing dog. This is easily the most common problem we see in class. Again, this is taking all of the work out of your abs, and nobody likes a cheater. Just kidding, we still like you— pike or no pike.
  • Don't look up. There's nothing creepy up there or anything, but looking up or down can strain your neck. Instead, keep your gaze on the mat, a good few inches above your fingertips.

All-in-all, remember that this time to plank is for you. Take modifications where you need them, and use your time wisely!

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