Form Check: the C-Curve

Everyone’s favorite part of class is abs, right? Well, it might not be your favorite during, but it reaps rewards of better balance and stability. When doing abs in a Garage Barre™ class, we often refer to something called a “c-curve” to do our movements, which is muy importante in protecting your back and activating your abs during crunches, pilates 100, and other movements.

As you round out into your next c-curve in class, let’s take a second to check-in with that form. To make a c-curve, let the bend in your back begin from drawing your belly button in towards your spine. From this, your hips will naturally begin tucking under, and your abdominals will scoop out. It might also help to imagine that someone is about to punch you in your gut. As well, your upper-body will naturally curve forward as your hips tuck under.

Don’t forget to have those feet firmly planted on the ground in front of you! As you do the c-curve, you will already feel your abs begin to activate. It’s like magic.

In essence, this is what a c-curve looks like, as if you're rounding back into your lowest range of motion:


And here’s what you need to avoid in doing the c-curve:

19720346_10209460771945508_1415824930_o (1).png
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