So, Where Do You Want to See Yourself in A Year?

Honestly, I usually resent that question. It’s the typical interview question— Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t know, Bob, but hopefully it involves financial security, a bangin’ body, and allll the cheese and pasta.

Basically I want to be Jimmy Fallon and Glenn Close.


Just kidding, but kinda also true.

I pick apart that question because you never know what kind of lemons life will hand you, and sometimes there is no water or sugar, so you are stuck there just sucking on lemons. In other words, you can plan all you want, but life is still going to happen. It doesn’t even take five years for things to turn a different direction, does it? Car crashes, layoffs, cancer diagnoses, all of it can happen in a second. (Feeling warm and fuzzy yet?)

BUT you can start to look at that question in a different light, and knock it down to just a year for the sake of a narrower scope. What if we started asking “what do you want from yourself in the next year?” Attitudes that you want to attain, changes within yourself that you can bring about yourself, negative things that you want to make positive, and so-forth. And what if you asked yourself these things with love? Don’t roll your eyes. Yes, with love– we don't care if you think it's hippie-ish. We say with love because sometimes you may forget that you are doing this for yourself, and that should be the primary motivation. So really, we’re asking ourselves “how do you want to love on yourself this year?”

At Garage Barre™, we’re choosing to ask these two questions to ourselves. We’ve even come up with our own tangible approach of casting into the future: writing a love note to your future self to read to yourself at the end of the year. You can doodle hearts on it and everything.

We want to be a place where you leave the outside world at the door, and leave everything you’re carrying on the mat. So, as you may have seen in the studio for the past few weeks, we have provided the template as a future love letter for yourself. Just in time for the month of #luuuuuuv.


But really, we’re getting to have ALL the talks about loving yo’self, so get ready. Start with filling out this card if you haven’t already. Also, here's are gentle reminder to not say stuff like "I wanna be skinny, future self." Let's think more along the lines of "I want to be strong, future self."

Here’s a snippet of what’s on it:


Fill it out. Think about the things that you can control, how you want to change in this year, how you should love yourself, and tell your future self alllll about it. If she’s anything like me, she might need the reminder.

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