Why You Are Worthy Of Showing Yourself Some Love


Ah, self-love. What a concept. By the way, if you don’t get Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” stuck in your head when you hear “self-love,” ya will now.


But anyways, I’ve already talked about self-love on the blog before, and since I’m pretty sure that Kirby, Lacey, and my mom were the only ones to read it, I’m going to give you a super quick synopsis: self-love is important.

I’m not going to waste super precious internet real estate to regurgitate the same message in a differently-worded post, although I was tempted when I found out that Wonder Woman is on HBO. Right now, in going with our theme on #LoveYourself, I think it’s not only important to stress self-love, but the fact that you are worthy of self-love.

Do NOT get me wrong: this is not one of those rants where I’m saying drop all of your responsibilities and lock the world away. This isn’t really even a beckoning to draw a bubble bath with gold flakes and pop the champagne. This is an invitation to think of the last time when you were completely happy with yourself, and not like you just looked in the mirror and you liked your hair that day— a time when you saw the beauty that you were made with, and you were happy with the person you were on the outside and the inside. You were thankful for who you were in that moment, no matter the circumstances, and you knew you were worthy of loving yourself.

And sometimes I think we think we love ourselves, and we truly do, but we lose sight of why we do. We fill every. single. second. of our day that we don't take the time to allow ourselves to reflect on what makes us so incredible. Okay, that last bit sounded a bit conceited, but it's true.


If you're doubtful about any of this, let’s consider a couple of things, shall we?

We were created to be celebrated by ourselves
Of course, personally in my faith and for a lot of other people, we are told that we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves, meaning that we gotta love ourselves in order for those around us to feel and see the love. Even if you don’t consider yourself in this category, that is a seemingly good rule to live by, isn’t it? Beyond that, we can see evidence of how our bodies handle self-love in our everyday lives. The New York Times reported that research shows those with abundant self-compassion were less likely to develop anxiety. Another study showed that showing self-compassion reduced stress that leads to procrastination, and it also improves problem solving skills. It’s okay, give yourself a pat on the back and go solve a math problem.

Our bodies can do amazing things
Did you know that our noses can differentiate 1 trillion smells? Also, this one is super cool, over the course of one hour, our hearts generate enough energy to lift A TON OF STEEL three feet off of the ground. Got that one from Martha Stewart. Thanks, Martha.


Um, hello, we can also GROW HUMANS inside of us. Sometimes two at a time. How incredible is that? And sometimes we’re equipped to fight off cancer cells, even when it's deemed impossible. And this is just literally the tip of the iceberg. Google it— it’s a rabbit hole. Then, on top of all of that, we are all unique. We all have little nuances that make us, us, and there is not one other person on this planet that is exactly like us. That's another reason to celebrate ourselves!

We are important to other people
We need to show ourselves some love because we have people around us who looks to us. Everyone does. Whether it’s your husband, your little girl or boy who watches every single move you do, or your co-workers who are relying on you to get the job done. More than that, though, we are loved by the people around us (hopefully). When they show that love to us, they celebrate us. Let’s match that love with love to ourselves and to them.

So please, I am begging you to realize how awesome you are. Not to sound like Disney Channel here, but there is only one you on this earth, and you are here for a reason. Remember that compassion for yourself is necessary because you're worth it. Wait, where have I heard that before?

Bottom line, hold tight to these words from psychologist Dr. Leon Seltzer: “it’s extremely unlikely that without the ability to love oneself a person can ever be happy. That is, what’s necessary and sufficient...is healthy self-love and acceptance.” Amen, Leon. Amen. Can we get that on a shirt?

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