Post-Barre Practices that You Need to Begin Pronto


I’m back, barre babes. Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve had a lot of life happen, aka I’ve been watching Queer Eye and doting over Antoni even though I wouldn’t *exactly* be his type.


A girl can dream.

Anyyyyways, we have yet to establish good post-barre practices here on the blog, so here we go! Not only are these some of these best practices with any workout, but some are especially important with barre (*coughs* stretching). Take note, ladies.

Don't skip the stretching
I knoooow we all think that stretching at the end of class is a three-minute-window for the instructor to demonstrate her NPR voice, but it’s not. Stretching is a necessary component for barre. Again for the people in the back: stretching is more important than you think. Not only does it save you from soreness, but it lengthens your muscles, finishing out the toning that you build during class. So, again for the people in the back: you are not completing your workout if you do not stretch. I know we are boss babes with places to go and things to do, and I also know that sometimes your instructor goes a little over class time (don’t all look at me at once), but the next time you think about cutting out a little early, ask yourself “DID YOU EVEN STRETCH BRO?”

Eat after
Man, I like anything that involves eating, so it’s cool to know that eating is important part of your workout. Of course, it’s recommended to eat prior to your workout, but it it’s important to restore your muscles with some protein post-workout. Grab a handful of almonds, slather some peanut butter on an apple, or add some naturally-occurring protein to a smoothie. Aaaaand you may consider cheese and apple a post-workout snack because you’re more of a savory person and want to pretend you’re fancy every now and then. Just please don’t be this guy from the Harvard Sailing Team video.


Rest up
Sleep is not something that I prioritize a lot of the time– not because I’m a mom or anything, but just because I like to stay up until one o’clock because I can. Yet again, sleep is vital to restoring your muscles. In fact, it’s important to resetting your whole body; it reduces the chance of getting chronic diseases AND it helps regulate your metabolism, which is why you hear some people say it’s just as important to sleep as it is to eat well and exercise.

Keep drinking water
Especially if the AC is broken. You may not sweat in barre, but again, water is necessary for restoring those muscles and keeping your body functioning as it should be. Do not reach for a sugary sports drink if you’re worried about electrolytes. Instead, get an electrolyte-fortified water, or even add a splash of coconut water to your water to pump you up with electrolytes. While I’m coffee’s biggest lover, it’s not the most prime choice for hydrating after a workout, but I’m still waiting on a study to tell me that coffee is good post-workout because I KNOW IT’S THERE.


Sources: Giphy, YouTube

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