Now Walk It out: Why Barre and Walking are BFFs


Did you know it’s National Walking Day today? It’s my favorite holiday aside from National World Juggling Day on June 16, which I celebrate every year. I know that you’ve been wished Happy National Walking Day many, many times already today, so I’ll just say it once more: Happy National Walking Day to you and your kin.

But really, we are truly blessed with the ability to get up and walk, so we encourage you to get up and celebrate today for that reason alone. Also, this is a great time to mention that walking is a good complement to barre in a lot of ways, so that’s also a big reason that I’m sitting here telling you about walking… on the Garage Barre blog.

How do we love walking? Let us count the ways.

You need cardio in your life
Okay, this may seem like we are going to shoot ourselves in the foot, but we aren’t about lying to you. Here we go: you need to balance out barre with cardio, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Will GB still help you lose weight? Of course, but adding cardio is just as necessary to the process. We love seeing your beautiful faces every single day, but are we going to think it’s a bad idea to take a brisk walk or jog a couple of days out of the week? Nah, man. Get out there and prancercise.


It’s low-impact
One of our favorite bragging points about barre is that it doesn’t create stress or damage to your joints, but you still feel the burn. Translation: it will kill you without killing you. Walking is the same– it will get your heart rate up without damaging your joints over a long period of time, unlike a close relative of walking that rhymes with “punning” (look away punners).

It provides active recovery
You may have heard people talking about switching up their workouts before. Not only does this keep things fresh, but it gives your sore muscle groups a rest. Okay, don’t be freaked out, but did you know you’re actually kinda tearing your muscles in barre? Before you yell "WTF" and throw your phone across the room, relax— it’s completely safe. You’re actually creating teeny–tiny tears in the muscle fibers (not the whole muscle!) to build stronger connections, aka stronger muscles. But on days you’re walking, you’re giving these newly-formed connections a chance to breathe a little and renew.

It’s free
No, seriously, we love this about walking. One of our biggest passions about Garage Barre™ is keeping it budget-friendly for all, so no matter what, you have the opportunity to come pulse it out with us. In the same way, we love that you don’t have to shell out dollars to get cardio with walking. All you have to do is get up. Heck, you can even count walking around in your daily activities as cardio activity if you just pick up the pace: take ten minute breaks every hour from your desk and get a quick walk in; ask your lunch date to meet at the Greenway instead; work up a sweat while grocery shopping and yelling at everyone to get out of your way while barrelin’ through with the buggy. It all counts.


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