What should I wear?

Comfy activewear (nothing super loose though as it can hinder movements and we want to make sure you're form is on target!) Most of us go barefoot but you can wear sticky socks if your tootsies get cold, leg warmers (because duh, the 80's were awesome!) or your athletic shoes if you have any foot issues such as plantar faciitis. Please do not wear regular socks - they are too slippery and could cause injury.

How do I get there?

Get directions and details here.

Where should I park?

You may park anywhere on the Square that you wish. There is also a ton parking spots on Vine St or at the Library parking garage. Parking spots marked 1 hr and 2 hrs are only monitored during typical work day hours from 8-5. If you happen to get a ticket (which is rare), they are only $3. Don't be afraid, parking is really no problem at all.

Where can I wait for my class if there is a current class in session?

You may wait outside the studio until any classes in session are finished or you may enter the building from 201 W Main St, walk straight down the end of the hall to our back door - especially if it’s too hot, cold or rainy! Our bathrooms are also located in that hall so you can change while you wait. We also have a dressing room inside the studio for you to change back into your clothes.

What kind of experience is necessary to practice Garage Barre?

NONE! No experience or fitness level is required to participate. We welcome the young, the older, the middle-aged. It doesn't matter if you're an elite athlete or haven't worked out in years - or maybe even ever - you will be challenged at an appropriate level for you! We welcome ages 13 and older with a participating parent.

Can I take classes it if I'm pregnant?

You may take classes if you have a doctor's note permitting you to exercise. Please notify us BEFORE the start of class, so we can help you make any necessary modifications.

PS: Barre is an amazing post-natal workout!

Can I take classes if I have an injury?

Barre is known for its modifications for a variety of injuries. Please indicate any injuries on your new client form and arrive a few minutes early to class to speak to your instructor about any necessary modifications. PLEASE tell us before class and make sure to listen to your doctor’s orders!

How do I download the Garage Barre App?

Book and Pay for classes from your smart phone by downloading our free Garage Barre App below or in the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Will Garage Barre classes help me lose weight?

Garage Barre is a full-body workout designed to burn calories and to tone and lengthen your muscles. Pairing consistent Garage Barre classes with a healthy diet can definitely help you shed unwanted pounds.

Is Garage Barre a cardio-based workout?

Garage Barre is an interval training workout, so your heart rate will fluctuate as you progress from higher intensity exercises to slow-paced stretching sequences. This type of interval training helps you burn more fat and calories compared to steady rate endurance training.

How do I sign up for text alerts to know when I get into a class from a wait list?

Login to your account profile here then click "edit" in the "Personal" box. Scroll down to "Notification preference" and select "email and text alerts" or whichever you prefer. Make sure to select your mobile provider in the dropdown box as well. Then click "save". You may also do this in your app.

Do I need to bring any equipment for my Garage Barre class?

Nope! We provide everything you'll need! You might want to bring a towel and a water bottle. You are also welcome to bring your own yoga mat or kneeling pad but please no outside weights or other equipment.

What if I need to cancel my reserved class?

You can cancel a paid/reserved class up to 4 hours before class begins without forfeiting your paid class. If you cancel 4 hours or less before your scheduled class begins, you will forfeit your paid class if using a package or you will be automatically charged a late cancel of $5. If you no show for your scheduled class, your account will be charged $10. Please be considerate of others and cancel in a timely manner so others may get into class. There are only 20 spots each class and we appreciate the head's up so we can fill your spot with a wait lister or standby participant. Click "early cancel" in our app or in your account online and you can reschedule your paid class to another day and time. Treat a class reservation just as you would an appointment elsewhere. If you need assistance in canceling your booked class, email us at customerservice@garagebarre.com.

Do you accept walk ins?

You never know when you might snag a spot so you can always come as a walk-in. We can't guarantee a spot so booking ahead of time is a good idea. All paying and booking is done ONLINE here or through our App. You can also call us to pay and be booked for a class over the phone. If you walk-in, you MUST have already created an account and pre-purchased classes as to not hold up the class from beginning on time.

What does "Wait List" or "Call" mean when signing up for a class?

We have 20 spots available to book per class. There are 8 spots available for the wait list. When the schedule says "sign up" or "book class" there is still availability in the class. When it says "Join wait list", you may put yourself on the wait list and will be notified via email when you are transferred into a class. The system transfers wait listers to open spots all the way up until an hour before class. Please be sure to check your email or sign up for text alerts in your account profile so you know to arrive for class. You will most likely get into class if you are on a wait list. Please remove yourself from the wait list if you do not plan on attending because someone behind you in line may want to come to class. If you get transferred into class from the wait list and do not check and do not show, you will be charged a late cancel fee of $5 or a no show fee of $10. If the schedule says "Call" or has no sign up option, that simply means there are no spots in the class or on the wait list at the moment. You do not need to call, it just automatically says that. Check back closer to the class date and we're sure something will open up.

How do I join the Garage Barre Babes private Facebook group?

We are big fans of community if you couldn't tell. One of the best ways to get to know the other Babes is to join our private Facebook group for active participants. Simply click the button below to request entrance.

Do you have childcare?

No, unfortunately we do not.

My friends and I want to barre together. Do we each need to create our own accounts?

Yes. Each new client must create their own account, book their spot and sign our digital waiver before their first class. Please note that classes are not transferable to other client accounts. You may purchase a friend a giftcard.

Can I buy a class and give it as a gift?

No, you cannot sell or transfer your class to someone else. We offer gift cards in any denomination for you to purchase for your friends or give as gifts.

My card on file expired or was cancelled! How can I update my account with my new card?

You canNOT update your card info from the Garage Barre app. You must login into your account through the MindBody website. First, email customerservice@garagebarre.com to delete your old card info. Then you'll log into your account through the MindBody website, click “Profile” and “Edit” billing information. Update your file with the new card. If your auto draft has already tried to go through and was denied, we will simply rerun your draft so you can keep booking your classes! 🚨 PLEASE CONTACT US AND DO NOT DELETE IT YOURSELF 🚨

For more help - check out this article https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/How-can-I-update-my-credit-card-on-a-computer?language=en_US

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your SUPER BABE membership, email customerservice@garagebarre.com 15 DAYS BEFORE your next draft date. You will fill out a brief form to complete your termination and be emailed a confirmation once it's received. If it's less than 15 days before your next draft, it'll be terminated for the following month's draft.



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